your perfect island

One of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Bali offers affordable luxury in a vibrant, energised island setting.

Relax in paradise

Bali is famous as a place to relax, connect and heal, and you’ll find luxury retreats and havens throughout the island catering to everything from yoga to holistic medicine and spiritual guidance.

24 hour party

In the many legendary clubs of Bali’s southern regions, the nightlife begins at sunset and the party really gets started at midnight.

Sumptuous spas

Bali is renowned for its luxury spas, many in impossibly beautiful surroundings, which offer everything from traditional Balinese methods to the very best treatments from around the world.

World famous luxury

Bali’s many full service villas give you the luxury of hotel living, including swimming pools, chefs and other amenities, at an affordable price. Or go all-out when you book a stay at one of the island’s five star hotels.

Colourful markets and malls

Bali’s many colourful street markets, including the famous Ubud Art Market, are a treasure trove of carved sculpture and jewellery, unique handicrafts and antiques. Or for a contemporary retail fix, head to one of Bali’s modern shopping malls.

Unique cuisine

Bali’s take on Indonesian food borrows from Chinese and Indian cuisine to create something truly unique. Sample the delicacies for yourself at one of the many fine dining restaurants.

Swim with sunfish

Bali offers a wide range of incredible dives suited to all skill levels. Swim with manta rays and giant oceanic sunfish around Nusa Penida, glide over untouched corals and explore the sunken wreck of the USS Liberty.