New Caledonia

your perfect island

With its natural wonders, rich culture and European elegance, New Caledonia is a Pacific destination with a unique flavour and much to explore.
Image: John Carter / NCTPS

French café classics

Nouméa’s cafés combine the finest ingredients with French culinary flair to create a variety of delicious classics. Noumea’s oldest bakery, La Vieille France, has a beautiful range of French specialities – including 32 flavours of macaron.
Image: Terres de Lumière / NCTPS

Board sports action

If board sports are your thing, you’ll find plenty of action in New Caledonia. Nouméa is a legendary destination for windsurfing, or try a morning stand-up paddle across Anse Vata Bay.
Image: John Carter / NCTPS

Colourful corals

New Caledonia offers spectacular diving, including night dives to see rare fluorescent coral at its most colourful. Or snorkel the world’s largest lagoon, home to species including marine turtles and dugongs.
Image: R. Pacta / NCTPS

Island style haute cuisine

The French colonial flavours of New Caledonian cuisine come alive at Nouméa’s fine dining establishments, which offer the best of haute cuisine alongside delicate island flavours.
Image: Toko / NCTPS

Fishing for adventure

Find a peaceful spot for some fly fishing, put on your diving gear and fish underwater, head for the open sea to land a big catch – or try traditional Caledonian net casting to really test your skills.
Image: Toko / NCTPS

Stunning wilderness adventures

New Caledonia offers many wilderness hikes, depending on your taste for adventure. In the Giant Fern Park, take a guided trek through the archipegalo’s staggering biodiversity – including the spectacular arborescent ferns.
Image: Terres de Lumière / NCTPS

Unique Kanak culture

Explore New Caledonia’s rich Kanak culture at the iconic Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Nouméa, a stunning architectural achievement that houses art galleries, outdoor events and a museum.
Image: Terres de Lumière / NCTPS