your perfect island

Samoa’s islands are an untouched paradise, with rainforest-covered volcanic peaks, white sands and activities well suited to travellers who are happy to explore.

Cultural celebration

Celebrate over 3,000 years of Pacific Island culture at a Fiafia night, where you can experience the legendary Siva Afi (fire knife dance) and even take part in the Taualuga (the final dance).

Vibrant diving

Samoa has some of the Pacific's most exciting diving and snorkelling. Explore shallow lagoons, shipwrecks and beautiful reefs teeming with vibrant coral and large tropical fish.

Grab your paddle

For a more relaxing way to ride the waves, hit the crystal clear tropical waters on a stand up paddle board or in a kayak.

Authentic local markets

For a great selection of traditional Samoan crafts, including ava bowls, lavalavas and woven mats, head along to the Savalalo Flea Market. And while you’re there, try some fresh seafood from one of the many local food stalls.

Unbeatable morning views

Traditional and affordable Samoan fale accomodation lets you stay right on the beach itself. Choose from a range of fale options, then relax in the open air above the golden sands.

Dramatic surf

One of the surfing world’s best kept secrets, Samoa offers dramatic surf breaks. Surf Special K, Lion Castro and Devil’s Island – just three of Samoa’s infamous spots.

Windsurfing paradise

With constant south easterly tradewinds for part of the year, Samoa offers the chance to windsurf, kitesurf and sail in some of the most tranquil and beautiful surroundings imaginable.